Skokie Public Library policies are official statements adopted by our Board of Trustees. These policies ensure that we operate in a way that fulfills the library’s mission and vision.

Our vision and mission


Skokie Public Library is the heart of a vibrant village where people of all ages, backgrounds, and cultures engage in lifelong learning and discovery while actively participating in the life of the community.


As a springboard for personal growth and community development, Skokie Public Library promotes discovery, enrichment, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas through a broad spectrum of resources and experiences.

Using the library

Appropriate Library Use

General expectations of behavior in the library.

Supervision of Children

Pertains to children younger than eight years old.

Meeting Rooms

Types of organizations that can reserve meeting rooms.

ADA Policy

Statements related to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Borrowing Policy

Ability of Skokie cardholders and residents of other communities to check out materials.

Internet Use

Provision and use of the Internet.

CCTV Surveillance

Use of closed circuit television (CCTV) to observe and record public areas in the library.

Best practices and ethics

ALA Code of Ethics

General ethical principles adopted by libraries.

Art Acquisitions Policy

How the library selects artwork.

Capital Asset Policy

Accountability over capital assets and information needed for the preparation of financial statements.

Ethics and Gift Ban

State requirement related to behavior of government employees.

Finance Policy

Policy relating to the library's finances. 

Freedom of Information

Information about the Freedom of Information Act as it applies to the library.


Guidance for how the library invests any available funds.

Public Comment at Board Meetings

Policy regarding rules and guidelines for public participation at board meetings.

Remote Participation

Policy regarding Board of Trustees attendance and participation in meetings via telephone, video, or internet.

Resources Selection

Why the library selects which materials.

Retention of Records

Confidentiality and use of patron information.


Information about our green practices and standards.

Website Privacy

Privacy policies specifically related to the library website.

Whistleblower Reporting and Anti-Retaliation Policy and Procedures

Policy to provide procedures for reporting improper governmental actions.