Records We Maintain

General Records

Financial Records

  • Bills or invoices issued and received by the library
  • Receipts for revenue
  • IMRF member compensation*†
    • In accordance with Illinois Public Act 101-0504, a link to IMRF's public disclosures regarding employer cost and other participation information is made available below:
      Employer Cost & Participant Information

*Asterisked items describe types of records which will be made available immediately upon request.

Pursuant to Illinois law (5 ILCS 120/7.3), a certified list of employees whose salary and benefit packages are $75,000 or greater is available for inspection at Skokie Public Library's Administrative Office, located at 5215 Oakton Street, Skokie, IL. The office is open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday. The phone number is 847-673-7774.

Note: Exemptions under the Illinois Freedom of Information Act may allow non-disclosure of some parts of public records maintained by the library.

Library 2022-23 Financial Report

12,284,007 Property Taxes
1,221,722 Corporate Replacement Taxes
100,040 Per Capita and Other Grants
80,672 Fines and Other Receipts
177,883 Interest Earned
13,864,324 Total
7,078,366 Salary
1,761,771 Insurance and Benefits
672,171 Maintenance
526,395 Technology
1,359,366 Materials for the Collection
106,805 Programming
933,287 Capital projects
561,463 Other Expenses
12,999,624 Annual Expenses
(158,116) Change in Fund Balance
(477,184) Transfer from Reserve Fund for Sites and Buildings
1,500,000 Transfer to Reserve Fund
13,864,324 Total

Requesting records

We accept requests for records in writing. You do not have to complete a standard form (but we have one available). Submit your written request by mail, fax, or email:

FOIA Officer
Skokie Public Library
5215 Oakton Street
Skokie, IL 60077
Fax: 847-673-7797
Email: *EMAIL* 

Please keep the following things in mind as you work on your request:

  • Be as specific as possible when describing the records you are seeking. Remember, the Freedom of Information Act is designed to allow you to inspect or receive copies of records. It is not designed to require a public body to answer questions. If you want to ask questions of a representative of the Skokie Public Library, call the library’s Administrative Office at 847-324-3128 to be directed to the proper person.
  • Please tell us whether you would like copies of the requested records, or whether you wish to examine the records in person. You have the right to either option.
  • There is no fee for up to 50 pages of standard paper copies. For pages beyond 50, there is a 15¢ per page charge.
  • You are permitted to ask for a waiver of copying fees. To do that, include the following statement (or a similar statement) in your written FOIA request: “I request a waiver of all fees associated with this request.” In addition, you must include a specific explanation as to why your request for information is in the public interest—not simply your personal interest—and merits a fee waiver.
  • Please include your name, preferred telephone number(s), mailing address, and, if you wish, your email address.

About the library

Skokie Public Library is committed to serving a progressive, increasingly diversifying community in a stable suburban village just north of Chicago. Serving a core population of more than 64,000 and drawing reciprocal patrons from large parts of the North Shore area, we are regarded as an important information, entertainment, and community resource for people of all ages.

Skokie Public Library features a collection of more than 370,000 physical items, including books, CDs, DVDs, periodicals, and software. Our digital collection has about 800,000 items. We bring new technologies to our patrons, offering electronic resources, computer equipment and training for adults and children, assistive reading devices, and online services. We have expanded hands-on technology learning in our innovative BOOMbox and Studio.

The library is run by the Director, who is hired by the Board of Library Trustees. The seven members of the Board of Trustees are elected in staggered six-year terms during the Consolidated Election in April. The Board generally meets on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the library's Board Room on the third floor.

The library is divided into eleven departments: Access Services, Administration, Building Services, Communications and Multimedia Engagement, Community Engagement, Information Technology, Learning Experiences, Patron Engagement, Safety, Young Adult Services, and Youth Services. A manager chairs each department and reports to the director or the deputy director. The library has approximately 84 full-time and 67 part-time employees.

Property taxes make up a major portion of our operating revenue. Other revenue sources include fines, fees, and donations. A levy request is sent each December to the Village of Skokie who has levy authority for the library. The Fiscal Year 2024 operating budget is $13,191,686.